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Curious Cats makes serious games for young people.

we gamify reality

for children between 4 and 20 

we make them discover the world or themselves

we walk the thin line between digital and analog

and have a zero tolerance for ugliness



Curious Cats is where we - Dieter, Jill, Michèle, en Willem - join all of our creative energy.

Since we use that creativity to make things that require your thumbs or indexes, some very smart people advised us to call it a game studio.


So, Curious Cats is a Serious Game Studio. Yes, seriously. We invent, design and make games that make it fun for children to explore the outside world and their own mind. And we love it if these games also make them put their devices aside and go and seek confirmation in the real analog world.


Curious Cats was founded in 2016 by a notary public and it took 18 pages that were the most boring pages we ever produced. Everything we’ve done ever since was way more fun.


Our office is based in the most beautiful city of Western Europe, needless to say where that is.


Sixty percent of our wall surface is covered with post-its, forty percent with paint. Our main tangible assets are four Mac computers and four plants. We water 50% of our assets twice a week.


We love sharing a coffee, our passion and our enthusiasm with you.

We have earned our name, we listen to each new idea with the curiosity of a four year old.



Get in Touch


Heernislaan 19

9000 Gent

Billing address:

Keizer Karelstraat 97 bus 3

9000 Gent

BTW: 0633 606 572

Tel: +32 496 43 72 30

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